Through a curriculum that is updated yearly, our program is able to provide our children with the highest level of Hebrew education possible.

General Outline

Areas of academic emphasis include:

Hebrew School Schedule Breakdown:

Welcome and Prayers
Jewish Curriculum
Recess Break
Hebrew Language Instruction

Hebrew reading, writing and vocabulary


Jewish history, its heroes and heroines


Holidays and traditions


Culture and current events


Jewish values


The land of Israel


Prayer and mitzvah familiarity


Synagogue Practices

Children Playong with Fire in front

Educational Method

At Sparks, we believe that each learner is unique, has unbounded potential, and an innate desire to learn. We believe in the whole-child approach to learning, and understand that learning happens in an integrated way. For this reason, our curriculum is multi-sensory and hands-on. Our hands-on learning style encourages our students to be active, rather than passive learners.

Our lessons incorporate different learning modalities so that each student can truly benefit. Through the universal language of art, our students study and experience Jewish values, traditions, holidays, hebrew language, culture and life cycles. With our innovative and creative activities, we encourage our students to be active and inquisitive learners allowing them to own their Judaism.

Goals and Outcomes

Our philosophy is that every Jewish child’s life can be enriched by the wisdom of our ancestors. To achieve this goal, we have opened Sparks to bring this opportunity to the children of our community. Sparks offers a warm and lively Jewish atmosphere where children can attain a unique and exciting awareness of their Jewish identity.

At Sparks, we aim for our students to:

  • Attain a strong sense of love for Judaism and a pride in being Jewish.
  • Discover & explore the Torah by studying the history of the Jewish people and recognize its relevance in today’s day and age.
  • Gain an understanding of the practices and traditions of Judaism.
  • Understand the morals, values, and ethics communicated by the Torah.
  • Form an appreciation for all Jewish holidays through experiential learning.
  • Master Hebrew skills of reading and writing.
  • Understand basic Hebrew conversation.
  • Learn basic prayers to attain a level of comfort when attending services.
  • Identify with the land of Israel and its history.
  • Investigate and ask questions about G-d, Torah & religion.

Spark’s underlying approach is to impart an informative, positive, and warm Jewish educational experience. We aim for our students to graduate our program with positive feelings and fond memories of their Jewish education. With this in mind, Sparks carefully integrates songs, games, self-motivational activities, arts and crafts, drama, family celebrations and other exciting co-curricular activities.

Goals and Outcome
See Us-Shine

Hebrew Program

Aleph Champ – Karate inspired. 

Based on the martial arts motivational philosophy of color coded levels and testing, the Aleph Champion Program provides motivation and inspiration for our students.

Easily attainable levels and professional materials make Aleph Champ an incredible success. The Hebrew alphabet as well as the vowels and word formations are divided into 10 colored levels. The students start out as White Aleph Champs working their way up the colors of the rainbow to be a Black Aleph Champ like their teachers.

Parents and teachers are amazed by the results. Students are motivated and have clear goals defined for them. Monthly Aleph Champ Award Ceremonies offer more motivation and recognition for student achievement. Learning to read Hebrew has never been so much fun!

Aleph Champ now includes basic Hebrew Language words and phrases at each level. All students begin script writing after letter recognition is solid. Students will continue to study Hebrew language when they have completed both the Hebrew reading and writing curriculums.