About Us


Why Sparks?

We are inspired by the core Jewish principle that every child contains a Nitzotz Eloki, a Holy Spark. At Sparks School at the Center, we aim to affirm that spark in your child and observe as it turns into a flame of passion and pride in Jewish practices and values. Like a fire that warms everything in its proximity, our Sparks students will help foster a warm prideful environment for their peers, family, and entire community. We invite you to come and join this special community of Sparks!

Our Approach

At Sparks, we believe that each learner is unique, has unbounded potential, and an innate desire to learn. We believe in the whole-child approach to learning, and understand that learning happens in an integrated way. For this reason, our curriculum is multi-sensory and hands-on. Our lessons incorporate different learning modalities so that each student can truly benefit. Through the universal language of art, our students study and experience Jewish values, traditions, holidays, hebrew language, culture and life cycles. With our innovative and creative activities, we encourage our students to be active and inquisitive learners allowing them to own their Judaism.

Sparks attracts a diverse range of families from various backgrounds and affiliations, all who feel comfortable and welcome. Our program has a well-earned reputation as a trendsetter in creative Jewish education for children in K-12th grade.

We encourage our parents and guardians to get involved, ask questions, and keep in touch with our school. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Sparks is powered by the Center for Jewish Life.


Rabbi Avi Bukiet

Rabbi Avi Bukiet
Rabbi Avi is the director and co-founder of Center for Jewish Life. Rabbi Avi loves to express Jewish ideas by way of stories and tales that bring the concept home. As a veteran educator in Judaic studies both at JCDS and CJL, Rabbi Avi aims to bring his passion and joy for Judaism to the classroom. Rabbi Avi received his Rabbinate ordination from The Chabad Rabbinate of Israel, and his Masters in Theological Studies from Harvard University.

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Luna Bukiet
Luna Bukiet is the Director of Sparks and co-founder at Center for Jewish Life. With ten years of Judaic teaching experience, Luna brings an unparalleled passion and interpersonal know-how to connect with children of all ages. As a Licensed Occupational Therapist, Luna excels in communicating with each child at their level in a most nurturing environment.

Rabbi Avi Bukiet

Angela Schatz
Angela was born in the U.S. and grew up in Israel. She danced ballet, modern, Israeli and international folk dance throughout high school  and received her Israeli Dance teaching certification. In 1992, Angela moved back to the U.S. with her husband and four children, and received her B.S. from Lesley University. In 1995, Angela began teaching creative dance and continues to this day. Since 1992, Angela has been teaching Hebrew at various temples and Israeli schools and tutoring Hebrew to ages 2 to 80. She is excited to join the Sparks team and share her knowledge of Hebrew, Judaism, and music and movement with the children

Rabbi Avi Bukiet

Naomi Better
Naomi is a Senior in Arlington High School and a proud Sparks alumni. Naomi brings her passion for Judaism to the classroom as she aids in our Hebrew program, and various art projects. Our students enjoy having a fun-loving local High Schooler as part of our team. 

Dates and Rates

DATES: K-7th Grade



Pre-K - 7th Grade

DATES: 8th – 12th Grade

6:00 - 7:30PM


8-12th Grade

Your Tuition includes:

  • Weekly In-Person Classes, which includes 45 minutes of Hebrew language instruction.
  • Individual Supply box
  • Snack & Water

Tuition Options

PLAN A: Pay full tuition at the time of registration
PLAN B: Pay first half upon registration and second half on January 1st.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Email [email protected] for scholarship details.

Location and parking

Sparks Hebrew School is located in Arlington, Ma at 129 Lake street. Available parking can be found on the side streets across from the Center.